Carbon Neutral

Minimized and limited carbon emissions

Our journey towards neutral carbon lemons starts at the field: calculating all our inputs of the process so we can afterwards search to reduce them and compensate the ones we cannot avoid.





In order to measure the real impact of our lemons in the environment, we have calculated every emission that takes place from the field to the supermarket.

This process has allowed us to clarify whether there is room for improvement or not and in which areas of our value chain we can implement greener options for the environment.

Calculating CO2 footprint enables us to hold responsibility for our emissions and taking actions about them.


Reducing our impact on the environment has always been in our core values. This is the reason we work and investigate greener alternatives for fields and logistics. Emission’s reduction is based in the following areas

Agroecology: reducing inputs in agriculture processes, protecting our soils and encouraging biodiversity in our fields are just a few of our initiatives in our way to more sustainable productions. Our agroecological system “Growing For Life” is certified by Bureau Veritas in order to guarantee the rigorousness of our processes.

Reducing plastics in our packaging and implementing compostable options in order to promote circular economy.

The use of clean energies, like solar power, whether is possible during our production and conditioning processes.


Apart from reducing our carbon emissions we want to compensate the emissions that we cannot reduced, at least for now. For doing so, we contribute to society with the following social and environmental projects:

Tree reforesting projects in France
Hydropower creation at Virunga, RD Congo
Protection of Amazon threatened area, Peru

These projects allow us to cooperate with the following Sustainable Development Goals of UN 2030.

Committed to the future

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